About us

We are primarily a social group and we meet to chat, discuss issues with which people might feel they need support, and have speakers talk to us about their area of interest in diabetes - eg podiatrists, dieticians, consultants, retinopathists, counsellors, key stakeholders in Leeds - CCGs, NHS England, etc.

We are an informative & social group, though we always look to raise awareness, continue to raise funds to keep us going, some writing, eg newsletters/website and generally help to raise the profile of diabetes in Leeds specifically. We have also run a family group, and supported children with diabetes from the age of 2-11, & have organised events for 11-15yr olds.

We have taken on outreach work in the Chapeltown & Harehills areas of Leeds where there is a high incidence of diabetes among some of the minority populations - Afro-Caribbean & SouthEast Asian in particular - and we look to build on this work in the near future alongside other community support groups such as BHI & Feelgood Factor.

We endeavour to find out skills within the group that we could use for all these purposes, and we hope that you will come forward and let us know how you may be able to support us!